Productivity Enhancement

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Identify Opportunities for Improvement

Define key processes and success factors to drive your organization to the next level.  Determine how success can be achieved – through cost control, superior quality, reduced turnaround time, or sustainable operations. Establish and prioritize areas for improvement.

Redesign Processes

Build lasting processes that allow the organization to thrive in today’s fast-changing and competitive environment.  Evaluate existing systems and processes for manufacturing products, delivering services, and managing information flows.  Determine pain points, high-risk areas, and operational challenges.  Devise new approaches to product and service delivery to improve value add, and to mitigate risk and operational constraints.

Redesign Jobs

The use of technology is most impactful when processes and jobs are harmonized.  Redesign jobs to allow workers to perform to their fullest potential, to work smarter and better, and to be happier at work.  Redesign for an ageing workforce, or to attract and retain specific profiles of workers.

Harmonize Solutions

Design productivity solutions that take a systemic view of the workforce, the use of technology, associated functions, and the organization.  Ensure that technology keeps pace with an increasingly educated and capable workforce, and redefine jobs to realize the full impact of efficient processes.  Prioritize implementation of technology-based solutions and non-technology based solutions according to the needs (and constraints) of the organization.

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Job and Process Redesign

Perspectives on Job and Process Redesign

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Job and Process Redesign

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