The government has announced that a second week of paternity leave will be legislated, and will take effect from 2017.  Under the new legislation, fathers of Singapore Citizen babies born on or after 1 Jan 2017 will enjoy 2 weeks of government-funded paternity leave.  This leave is in addition to childcare leave (6 days) and unpaid infant care leave (6 days).

Other changes include:

  • Shared parental leave – increased from one week to four weeks for children born on or after 1 Jun 2017.  This leave is shared from teh mother’s maternity leave
  • Adoption leave – mothers will have 12 weeks (up from 4 weeks currently) of adoption leave for children below one year old.  This applies to adoptions after 1 Jul 2017.  Fathers may share up to 4 weeks from the mother’s adoption leave.

The government will fund the leaves as follows:

  • shared parental leave – fully funded
  • paternity leave – fully funded
  • adoption leave – 8 weeks funded by government, 4 weeks funded by the employer [for the first 2 children only].  The government will fund the full 12 weeks for the 3rd and subsequent adoptions.


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