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Job and Process Redesign Manager (Masterclass)

Next Run: May / June 2018

In this 2-day Masterclass, learn how to plan for redesign, how to implement and manage the change associated with redesign, and how to establish performance indicators for outcome measurement.

Job and Process Redesign Practitioner (Masterclass)

Next Run: April / May 2018

Registration opening soon.

In this 3-day Masterclass, learn how to define outcomes for redesign, how to identify opportunities for redesign, and how to develop sustainabile redesign solutions.  Apply sytems thinking, theory of constraints, and lean management concepts to improve the productivity of processes and jobs.

Breaking Constraints at the Workplace (Workshop)

Next Run: 2 March 2018

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This 1-day workshop introduces the Theory of Constraints in a manner that is fun and easy to understand. Participants will learn how to recognize constraints at the workplace, and how constraints can be broken to achieve increased throughput, and improved performance.

Redesigning Jobs for Older Workers (Workshop)

Next Run: May / June 2018

Understand the needs of an ageing workforce, and how jobs can be redesigned to accomodate the needs of older workers.  Appreciate and understand the benefits and limitations of technology in redesigning jobs for older workers.

Designing Jobs for Sharing (Workshop)

Next Run: TBC

Embrace the gig economy, and learn to adapt to a workforce that is less keen about full-time employment.  Adjust jobs and roles to cater to an ageing workforce.  Learn how jobs can be shared and learn how to manage workers performing shared jobs.