Human Resource Advisory

Attract, Retain, Develop, and Motivate Your Employees

Organization Structuring and Job Definition

Explore various organization structure options to improve accountability and internal controls, enhance collaboration, and sharpen focus on customers and markets.  Benefit from improved role clarity and more efficient organization of functions and resources.


Career and Succession Planning

Develop specialists and well-rounded executives via a system of well-planned job rotations to build deep expertise or wide-ranging competencies as required.  Improve talent attraction and retention and build an enduring organization by ensuring a strong pipeline of successors for key and critical positions.

Remuneration and Benefits Benchmarking

Know what jobs are worth in relation to each other and to the general market.  Structure your compensation and benefits to remain market competitive.  Design variable incentives to drive desired behaviours and work performance.

Performance Management

What gets measured gets managed – determine indicators of organization, department, and individual success and how each can be measured objectively and meaningfully.  Align appraisals to corporate objectives to focus resources and drive the attainment of organization goals.

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