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2 Mar 2018

Many businesses struggle to expand services and production in a cost efficient and sustainable manner. Issues of inventory, order (or service) fulfilment, and capacity often become limitations to growth.

What if the constraints can be broken to allow businesses to grow without the need for corresponding increases in cost?

The workshop on ‘Breaking Constraints at the Workplace’ introduces the Theory of Constraints in a manner that is fun and easy to understand. Participants will learn how to recognize constraints at the workplace, and how constraints can be broken to achieve increased throughput, and improved performance.

Applicable to businesses in the service and manufacturing industries.


The Masterclass will be conducted using a mix of instructor-led sessions, case studies, and group activities.  Games are used to help participants understand the impact of process change, and practical hands-on application on the last day helps translate learning to action.

A small class size ensures optimal experience for all participants.

Introduction to Constraints

Recognizing constraints in the manufacturing sector and the services sector

Explore how constraints limit work output

Identify constraints

Exploit and break constraints

Practice and application


11 Slim Barracks Rise

Singapore 138664

*Venue subject to confirmation and may change

Who Should Attend

Managers and executives with people management responsibilities and/or business responsibilities. Suitable for operations managers, human resource managers, business owners, process owners etc.

Applicable to businesses in the service and manufacturing industries.

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Workshop Outomes

In this 1-day session, learners will

  • Understand the theory of constraints
  • Understand the costs of not addressing constraints
  • Know how to identify limitations at the workplace using the theory of constraints
  • Learn various approaches to address workplace constraints and limitations

What others say about our training…

Definitely one of the most applicable programmes I have attended – very relevant, very current.


Am so glad that I attended the training session.  Learnt a lot of things.  Really hope to apply the newly acquired knowledge and skills to good use.



(What I liked most about the training) was the interaction, examples, and case studies.


Hospitality Sector

Presented in an interesting manner with a lot of real life examples.


Workshop Registration

Registration is open.

The class size is intentionally limited to ensure an optimal experience for all participants.  Book early to enjoy the early bird discount, and to avoid disappointment.