The Extended DISC System

The Extended DISC behavioral profiling tool is an internationally validated system that has benefitted individuals and organizations worldwide.  It has found widespread application in the areas of communications, teambuilding, coaching, recruitment, employee development, and job-fit analysis.  Locally we have used the Extended DISC system to help clients evaluate candidates for recruitment, help build more effective and collaborative teams, and improve internal communications.


This is a great self discovery tool! It is so real and accurate and beyond any level of books I have read or workshops I attended, thank you Solutions@Work for my Extended DISC!
I have read my report over and over again, and it generated incredible excitement as I get to see my personality laid out so precisely in a map which allows me to better understand how to play my strengths to my job and family environment, decision making and communication with others.

The Difference between Extended DISC and Traditional DISC

Extended DISC and Traditional DISC are completely different.   The only similarity is the basic behavioral theory, which dates back to the 1920s – but that is where the similarities end.  Extended DISC recognizes combinations of various percentages of the four basic traits in generating the Personal Analysis Report and it has a number of other practical and powerful reports available in the system.

The Extended DISC Personal Analysis Report, through the process of calculating the Profiles, is a combination of straight-forward mathematical equations that reduce the number of combinations of specific behavioral styles to 311 for D, 753 for I, 582 for S, and 400 for C.  Managing that many different profiles would be impossible, so the workable figure is reduced to 160 different behavioral styles.  Most other DISC tools have between 4 and 16 different behavioral profiles.

Extended DISC measures the unconscious behavior and compares it with the conscious adjusted behavioral style, allowing the measurement of emotions.  It goes way beyond regular DISC in this regard.  We can then look at the emotions being communicated by the respondent at the time of completion of the questionnaire, their stress levels, uncertainty of their role, insecurity, frustration, pressure to change etc.  It also enables the report to define the influence of the present environment on the respondent’s motivation as far as certain needs are concerned.  This is vital information for the person as well as the organization.

The Extended DISC report can tell whether there is a key feeling of uncertainty or lack of clarity, whether the person feels insecure or whether a person is frustrated.  We can even interpret a key feeling of helplessness and again whether a person is under pressure.  We can tell whether a person feels the need to adjust, the amount they feel they need to adjust and whether that adjustment is likely to lead to stress in the long run.

In addition, Extended DISC reports are far more comprehensive than traditional DISC reports.  Our data and test bank enables more than 228 million (228,383,696 to be exact) totally different text pages to be generated.  The competition, at best, is able to create up to 200  different texts.

The Extended DISC Personal Analysis Questionnaire is extremely difficult to manipulate. Traditional DISC programs can (and often are) answered by the respondent in the way they believe the potential employer would like them to answer.  This is because the emphasis is on the conscious adjusted behavioral style.  Extended DISC can recognize reports that are generated for people who try to beat the system.  Fortunately, this seldom happens, but when they do, the resultant report will likely be invalid showing mirror profiles or a tight profile II.  Comparatively, there is no way of knowing if a traditional DISC assessment has been manipulated.

All in all, Extended DISC is a comprehensive assessment system, not a tool.  It allows you to utilize vital information during all processes from recruiting to development and at all levels – individual, team, and organization.

Let our certified Extended Disc Consultants help you understand your employees better.   Join the ranks of employers who have benefitted from a better understanding of their employees’ natural behavioral styles.

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