Extended DISC at Home

The use of the Extended DISC system is not confined to the corporate world.  It has also been effectively used at home to improve family interaction and to help determine learning styles and comfortable work environments.

Improving Communications at Home

Have you ever wished communications at home could be improved?  As we focus on work, career, school, and a myriad of other activities, communications among family often suffers.  Some common questions that crop up include:

  • How can I better communicate with my loved ones?
  • Which careers would be most natural for my child?
  • Why do my children behave differently in different situations?
  • Why can’t we ever agree on common activities to do?

Every person is unique.  Different people react differently to different situations – some get impatient, some get excited, some withdraw.  Some children can sit for hours reading, while others are always running around; some make friends easily, while others shy away from strangers.  These are all influenced by their natural behavioral styles – styles that make each person unique and special.

By understanding the natural tendencies and behavioral characteristics of children, parents are able to tailor their communications style to more effectively interact with their children.  A good understanding of these natural behavioral traits also helps parents make more informed choices when it comes to schooling and other activities.

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