Behavioral Profiling

Understanding Job Fit

As an employer, you realize that some people just have what it takes to do a job, while others don’t perform as well, despite having similar qualifications, training, and experience.  Traditional methods of employee screening and selection are only able to assess knowledge and application.  Individual personalities, where assessed, are often very subjective and dependent on a ‘gut feel’ of whether a candidate can or cannot fit.  These traditional assessment methods are notoriously poor at objectively determining if a person has the right behavioral traits to perform. 

With our help, you can objectively assess your existing staff to identify the hidden “x” factor of the better performing employees and consciously compare and hire only those candidates that had a good job-fit.  The Extended DISC system allows you to:

  • Determine the best fit of employees for different kinds of jobs
  • Improve recruitment and employee retention by identifying and recruiting only employees with the right profiles for the job
  • Improve staff motivation by identifying the non-monetary attributes that motivate different employees


Unleashing the Potential of Teams

What makes some teams perform better than others? Are there dynamics at work in the background that make some teams high performance, while other teams languish?

A key driver of how teams perform is the composition of the team and the degree of collaboration amongst team members.

Using the Extended DISC system, you can unleash the potential of your teams by:

  • Identifying team members who play various roles in a team – the leaders, the influencers, the performers, and the supporters
  • Improving teamwork through better communication and information flows
  • Revitalizing teams through the careful and conscious rotating and reassignment of team members


Effective Work-Pairs

Do you have small 2-man teams working in high-performance roles? If so, you probably have spent long hours thinking about the right people to bring together.  The Extended DISC system has been used by leading organizations as a reliable tool to assess the working relationship of 2-man teams – such as the relationship between a surgeon and his operating theatre nurse, the relationship between an executive and her personal aide, the relationship between two business partners, or the team formed by two police officers.

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