The Workplace Safety and Health Act came into effect on 1 March 2006 and aims to cultivate good safety habits and practices in all persons at a workplace – from management to employees. It requires everyone to ensure the safety and health of every person at work at the workplace.  The Act currently covers workplaces like factories, construction sites and shipyards, healthcare, hotels and restaurants etc. Come 1 September 2011, the Act will cover all workplaces to ensure the well being of everyone at work.

Under the Act, employees have a duty to keep their workplace and colleagues safe. Employees should:
•    follow safety and health procedures at their workplace;
•    not perform or participate in any activities that endanger themselves or their colleagues;
•    not tamper with safety devices or perform wilful or reckless acts;
•    report unsafe work conditions, behaviours and workplace incidents (regardless of whether an injury takes place); and
•    provide suggestions to improve safety and health at work.

Under the Act, employers are required to ensure the safety and health of every one of their employees. Employers should:
•    remove or control risks at their workplace;
•    maintain a safe work environment;
•    make sure that safety is maintained in all equipment used at the workplace;
•    develop plans for dealing with emergencies; and
•    provide employees with clear plans and resources to keep their workplace safe.

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