In view of Singapore’s ageing population and workforce, the Govenment has announced its intention to introduce legislation to allow workers to work longer.

The proposed re-employment legislation sets out the key conditions and obligations for re-employing older workers and includes the following features:

  • the eligibility criteria for re-employment – based on medical fitness and work performance;
  • the requirements for employers to re-employ eligible older employees or offer Employment Assistance Payment if they are unable to do so despite their best efforts; and
  • the avenues for assisance and recourse in the event of re-employment disputes.

16 Sep 2010 to 29 Sep 2010 has been set aside as a period for public consultation.  You can read the Public Consultation Paper and share your feedback at REACH.

The Retirement and Re-Employment Act has been passed.  Follow this link for details on your obligations as an employer.