Establishment of a Regional Training Centre

for a multi-national food manufacturer

The Challenge

Our client was expanding operations in Singapore and was keen to recruit highly skilled employees for its new production facility.  However, there were few people with the necessary knowledge and skillsets to perform the prodction roles in a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant.  In response, our client realized the need to train employees in-house, and took the opportunity to develop a comprehensive set of training materials for the Singapore operations, as well as for its regional facilities.

The Solution

Working with our client, and speaking to numerous subject matter experts, the team defined the roles of various job functions, and mapped the core and functional competencies required for each role.  These competencies were further bundled into four domains – quality, systems and processes, health and safety, and continuous improvement.

Subsequently, four curricula comprising 28 different training modules were developed.  The design of the courseware sought to tailor training specifically to address the needs of target learners.  To improve learning, a blend of classroom training, practical skills practice, and OJT activities were used.  Videos, pictures and references to relevant current affairs were used extensively to stimulate interest and to drive home the importance and impact of the trainings.

Train-the-trainer sessions were conducted to familiarize in-house trainers with the materials, and to equip them with the foundational skills to conduct the training.

Number of Curricula Developed

Number of Courseware Developed

Number of Hours of Training Developed

Turnaround Time (Days)

Improved Training Effectiveness

Improved Relevance

Improve the relevance of training through the use of real examples and case studies, images and videos from the workplace, and practice on actual equipment.

Improved Knowledge Retention

Improve knowledge retention and application by leveraging on regular skills practice and on-the-job training.


Enhanced Training Efficiency and Effectiveness

Take control of what to train, how to train, and when to train.

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