Ensuring Compliance Locally and Overseas

for a Singapore-based Logistics Company

The Challenge

Our client operates offices in more than 10 cities around the world.  A key challenge facing the company was the difficulty in maintaing internal equity amongst employees in various countries, while at the same time ensuring compliance to local laws, regulations, customs and business practices.

A comprehensive exercise was initiated to review and revamp the HR Policies and Procedures in all countries, and to conduct local salary benchmarks to ensure local and regional equity.

The Solution

A priority was ensuring legal compliance to local laws and statutory requirements.  To this end, all relevant laws for each country were referenced.  These included, but were not limited to labor laws, provident fund and tax laws, workplace safety and health laws, and data privacy laws.  Local policies and procedures were aligned to these laws.  Further, employment contracts were reviewed to ensure that legally required terms and conditions were properly crafted and included, and that these were in alignment to stated policies and procedures.  As a final step, missing policies and procedures were included in local employee handbooks, and these were compared against HQ policies and procedures for alignment and internal equity.

Local remuneration benchmarks were collected for each country and analyzed against the client’s job structure.  Recommendations were made with regards to addressing ‘overpayment’ or ‘underpayment’ of remuneration, as well as to the min:max range for each job level.

Countries Covered

Employees Impacted

Employment Contract Templates Revised

Salary Benchmarks Defined

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