Changing Mindsets

at a local logistics company

The Challenge

Our client was keen to instill in employees a sense of pride and ownership in the company.  The desired outcome was for workers to understand how each contributed towards providing a positive experience for customers, and how each could contribute towards the continued success of the company.  Consequently, it was hoped that this would bring about greater team work across departments, and also a greater level of staff satisfaction and engagement.

Prior to this, all of the staff worked in silos, and were largely unaware of how their work affected their co-workers in other departments.  A large number of staff had little educational qualifications, and many were apprehensive about attending any form of training.

The Solution

A programme was developed to equip participants with the necessary skills to contribute actively to improvement initiatives, and to be able to adapt to change.  The fully customised programme was specifically designed to address participants’ apprehension (some had not attended class since leaving school more than 20 years ago) and to transfer knowledge and skills in a fun and non-threatening manner.

Consequently, the workshops were filled with games and activities – each designed to convey a learning learning outcome.  For example, participants took part in a paper plane flying competition to learn problem solving skills, explored the merits of a hollywood blockbuster to learn about KPI setting, played charades to learn about non-verbal communications, and played with puzzles and told stories in order to understand process mapping.  Working closely with our clients, real-life case studies, examples, and situations were presented in class for reflection and discussion.

The classroom sessions served to transfer knowledge in a manner that was fun and engaging, and where learners learned concepts almost unconsciously.  Activities allowed participants to bring concepts to life, and to practice and apply what they learned.  Learning carried on into the workplace – working in teams, and with the guidance of a workplace mentor, each team was tasked to identify an area for improvement, and to present a recommended solution to the senior management team on the last day of the training.

Training was conducted jointly with our client – this served to add leadership emphasis to the training, and also to ensure the sustainability of the programme.

Number of Training Hours

Number of Improvement Projects Realised as a Result of the Training

we lost count 🙂

Number of times participants laughed so hard they couldn’t speak


% Increase in Revenue as a Direct Result of the Training (Est)

Other outcomes…

Sense of Family

Relationships and camaraderie between departments improved

Cross Functional Knowledge

Participants have a better understanding of the specialist functions of each department and how these can work together for improved performance

Seeing the Bigger Picture

Insights into the organisation vision and strategic direction allow participants to be more engaged and willing to embrace change initiatives

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