Our Value Proposition


Solutionsatwork Pte Ltd is NOT a big multi-national consulting firm… and we’re proud of it. Being small gives us advantages that many of the “big boys” do not have, and it allows us to provide value in the following ways:

Quality Services: we are not a training ground for inexperienced consultants to “learn the ropes”.  We guarantee the assignment of a qualified consultant with real and relevant project experience for every project;

Access to Talent for Optimal Service Delivery: we understand that different service providers have strengths in different areas, and that it is rare to find any service provider who is equally proficient in all areas.  With this in mind, we bring together the most suitable partners for each project – our clients are never tied to any one single service provider, and can benefit from the specialities of various partners – all managed by a single point of contact;

Cost Efficient Solutions: we prioritise your needs and recommend only services that add value to you.  We have streamlined operations to minimize overheads, giving you maximum returns for your investment;

Project Sustainability: we believe in knowledge transfer to our clients as being essential for project success and sustainability.  We ensure that enough knowledge is transferred to our clients at each stage of the project for our clients to function independently of consultants if necessary;

Engagement and Follow-through:  your success is our success.  We are committed to the outcome of the project even after the final reports have been submitted.  We are on call anytime post-project to provide follow-on advice and recommendations as part of our policy of continuous engagement.  We believe in building a long-term relationship with our clients.