Infant care leave is provided for under Part III of the Child Development Co-Savings Act.  Infant care leave is unpaid.


An employee is entitled to six days of unpaid infant care leave per year if he/she is covered under the Child Development Co-Savings Act. The Child Development Co-Savings Act covers all parents of Singapore citizens, including managerial, executive or confidential staff if all four of the following conditions are met:

  • The child (including legally adopted children or stepchildren) is below two years of age;
  • The child is a Singapore citizen;
  • The child’s parents are lawfully married (including divorced or widowed parents); and
  • The employee has worked for the employer for at least three calendar months.

Regardless of the number of children, the total unpaid infant care leave entitlement for each parent is capped at six days per year. For divorced or widowed parents, the leave entitlement will not be doubled.

Parents of Singapore citizens below the age of two can take both types of leave (six days of paid childcare leave and six days of unpaid infant care leave) until the child turns two.

Part-Time, Contract, and Temporary Employees

Fixed-term contract/temporary/part-time employees are entitled to unpaid infant care leave, provided an employee has served the employer for a period of not less than three months.  Infant care leave is prorated according to the following formula:

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