HR Capabilities – Diagnostic

Many of the issues or difficulties that arise from the workplace today are related in some way or other to how employees are being managed.  In a recent survey of our clients, more than 70% of senior executives ranked “managing HR well” as one of their most challenging tasks.

At Solutionsatwork, we are committed to helping organizations manage their HR better.  We believe that this comes first from a good understanding of existing capabilities.  Complete the attached questionnaire below and recieve a complimentary report outlining the strengths and areas for improvement of your Human Resources function.  If you have difficulty accessing the questionnaire, you may also access it here.

The information you provide shall remain confidential, in accordance to our Data Privacy Policy.


The following questionnaire should be completed by a person with responsibilities for the HR function of the organization, or by a member of the senior management.  The accuracy of the results will depend greatly on the quality of responses.  It is not necessary to have all of your HR documentation on hand before you commence – in the majority of cases, having a feel of the responses will be sufficient.

Once you have completed the questionnaire, hit the ‘submit’ button.  Our consultants will prepare a report and will contact you directly to arrange to share the findings of your assessment.

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