First published: 29 Jul 2011; updated 16 Mar 2013


Employers may hire foreign workers to supplement the local workforce.  Foreign workers can be employed under various programs based on their salaries, qualifications, and work experience.

Interested applicants may complete a self-assessment test at the following website



Salary Criteria for S Pass Holders is increased to $2,200 wef 1 July 2013.  More details can be found here.
The Ministry of Manpower announced on 15 March 2013 that the Employment Pass Framework will be adjusted, especially for Q1 pass holders.  Minister of Manpower indicated that this was intended to level the playing field for local PMETs who may be facing pressures from foreign PMETS who might be willing to work for lower salaries.  The MOM will be conducting consultations with stakeholders in the coming months to explore this furrther.